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Choosing the right photographer for a wedding

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

To be or not to be.....

As if planning an entire is not enough, every now and then you'll face situations when you'll be unsure whether to go with Option A or Option B. I thought I would sit down and pen down some of the things that one should consider before deciding on which photographer to pick for your wedding. This post assumes that you have already shortlisted a few and already like their work or style of work.


So, you've checked out a few people and now you're starting to narrow down on whom to pick. Not just to come, shoot, leave but to be a part of your special day. Checking Google Reviews is a quick and easy to see what people are saying. Look for positives but at the same time keep an eye out for negative reviews and if there's a pattern.

Get to know your Photographer

Talk to the person, if not in person, then over the phone or facetime or zoom or any of the million platforms out there.

While I'm a thorough professional when it comes to photography, but more importantly I'm a peoples person, easy to have a conversation with. I try to keep the mood light and people comfortable. Come the big day, it helps when you can think you're capturing a friend's special day and not just a client

Take this time to discuss your requirements and special requests if any. I always ask for any shots that the bride (or groom) have in mind that they'd want captured so I'm prepared on the day.

What's the real cost?

There will always be people that will do it cheaper and there will always be people who will do it for more but given the fact that this is literally for a once a life-time event, are you willing to take the risk?

Its the little things that clients do not see that make the difference. Things like showing up and setting up 30 minutes BEFORE time.

Another example being that of fetching audio directly from the mixer or microphones to give the video crystal clear sound that's free of any background noises.

Here's another one. BACKUPS, BACKUPS, BACKUPS. Wedding or Sweet 16, Birthday or Anniversary, doesn't matter how big or small the event is, what happens if the camera breaks down during the shoot? Everything is electronic after all.

I carry a backup for virtually everything that's essential. Whether its camera, flash, tripod or audio recorder.

I have heard horror stories from several friends but mostly after the fact.

A client had once reached out to me to ask if I could edit cellphone clips from their wedding and reception to make a small montage, the reason being that their original videographers had lost all the data before being able to work on it.

This being the only captured memory of their wedding.

Me on the other hand, can't sleep until I get home and safely copy all the data to 2 different locations and backup on cloud.

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